June 6, 2013

Royal Enfield Cafe Racer

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RE cafe racer

Royal Enfield we hope has forgotten to hire people who design bikes, is this the case Mr. Siddharth Lal. Well, Royal Enfield certainly has gone back to the 1970′s to bring in the old contemporary look of the Yamaha RD-350 The numero uno first HT edition of the RD 350 had too much power for the average Indian Rider as back then the Indian Market was not used to such a performance products.  The RD-350 was a crotch Rocket capable of hitting 165 KM/HR in 6th gear and the original Japanese RD 350 had 40 bhp but Mr. Lal, is your latest cafe racer bike better than the RD-350.

The cafe racer was first displayed at the 2010 Auto Expo in Delhi. Shown again at the 2012 Expo, this retro looking bike has been the talk of town as to whether it could beat the RD in terms of sheer power and acceleration or its just another bullet gradually increasing pace with the usual thump. The Continental GT is certainly not a Bullet modified to look like a cafe racer, but rather something which has been mixed up and built from scratch for people to scratch their heads and pull those hairs out thinking as to why on earth did bullet go the retro way, C’mon guyz give us something like the Harleyz hot rods, with exceptionally long wheelbase, and brute power to show that we have arrived rather than going in thump thump, and getting all the abuses from a certain section of people.

The Classic 500’s 499cc UCE mill has been rebored for an increased capacity of 535cc, with a stiffened Chassis along with a remapped ECU and a lighter flywheel, which according to Mr. Siddharth should make it the fastest and the most powerful Royal Enfield motorcycle in the market as of now. The bike also features cutting edge Pailoi-developed suspension at the rear and Pirelli tyres for unmatched handling. Stopping power comes via a fully-floating Brembo disc at the front and a ByBre disc at the back – some very serious kit indeed. Truly stunning in every way, the Continental GT is set to become Royal Enfield’s flagship model when it launches later this year.

Hope to see the Retro looking Enfield in a new avatar, and guyz, start saving money, coz although its a retro looking bike, bullet enthusiasts are definitely gonna line up once it arrives in Indian showrooms. Should you buy, well, its upto you, we would always suggest the Ninja or the Duke 300 at the same price band….


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